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I wear a shirt that functions as a disability aid for unnatural causes until nanomaterials are removed. If it bothers people, they have the choice not to read the material. If people can control my body without my consent until nanomaterials are removed, I need a disability aid for others to see. Exposing the criminal activity reduces the problems. Similar to an alarm decal deterring criminal activity. I must use my 1st amendment right to protect my human rights. What you see is the best I can do for the time being. EDOM (electronic dissolution of memory) prevents me from applying updates and clarifications in a timely manner.

It’s difficult to carry on with your life when technocrats abuse technology capable of puppeteering every move your body makes. It led me to think where’s the disconnect? How can the puppet strings be cut? I was born with a body fair & square. No one should have the right to take my body or do anything with it that endangers my soul’s ability to control it. This creates a difficult problem for having quality of life. Communicating this problem to the public is the only way I can defend myself.

Brain-hacking and hazardous use of neurotechnology can threaten the integrity of a human starting with thoughts and decisions. Obama’s brain initiative provides a financial incentive for traffickers to further exploit their victims.

I dedicate this domain for purpose of justice.

I’m at a turning point reclaiming my life as I have facts & evidence compiled to support my claims. Imagine being content with life & being setback by technology used in an unjustified way creating a barrier with doing anything. Imagine something very annoying that reduces you to becoming a living vegetable without a way of fighting back. Image something taking your prime years of life away that were expected to be enjoyed.

When I initially became aware of being manipulated with nanomaterials I didn’t want it interfering with my life. I attempted to carry on with my life as I sought an explanation for what is happening to me. It was difficult to speak about the problem without being aware of what was causing it. I sorted out all natural causes with functional medicine and moved on to unnatural causes which includes illegal human experimentation. I understand functional medicine applies the holistic approach which implies methods of pathology.

Politics, signals, and nanomaterials should provide clues about who’s responsible in the event my body mimics causes from natural or unnatural health problems. I understand the performance of a puppet reflects the performance of the puppeteer. I prefer to be helped by individuals who honor my Living Will .

Illegal human experimentation can happen to anyone. Why does it happen? Humans don’t want to test what’s being tested. Experimentation on humans begins covertly without awareness and later progresses until the victim complains. My situation is unfortunate. It involves neuroweapons. My only defense is displaying a URL to hold the terrorists accountable. It reduces problems the general population would expect law enforcement or military to resolve.

I don’t expect everyone to know this technology exists or its capabilities. I can’t expect nanomaterials or entries involved with nanomaterials to be included within an investigation without advertising evidence to the public. A URL seen by humanity keeps me from dying in vain. Why is my blog url on the front & rear windshield of the car I drive? It helps first responders know what’s going on or has leads to an investigation if someone attempts to suicide me considering the significant control they have over my body by use of satellites. I had previous attempts of artificial distraction making me run 3 red rights in the past cutting it close to several collisions.

Mentioning topics on this domain and referring others to them makes my life easier. I understand few people are aware of illegal human experimentation and may not understand my situation. I understand America functions as a democracy (ruled by the majority) to hold accountability.

I understand the medical standard of care in the United States is a system that can use improvement. One of my favorite research interests, I pursue as a hobby, is holistic medicine. It requires a significant amount of time & discipline compared to typical medical procedures but proves to be more effective in the long run. With medical standard of care in the United States in mind, one cannot expect the best health care procedures without doing their own research. I spent 15 years of my life learning this. Many people including doctors dismiss the idea of unpopular procedures that can be more effective due to politics of health insurance. If one does not hear of a procedure, one cannot benefit from it. I understand diseases do not exist in the way many people think of them. Many downstream symptoms can be created from upstream mechanisms. I believe the discussion of procedures is more effective than the discussion of diagnoses as it helps one focus on pathology.

I don’t mind wearing my URL to defend myself anywhere I go. Look at my living will revisions. I’ve been to the county clerk’s office a number of times wearing my URL while putting my laptop bag with my URL on the conveyor belt before walking through the medal detector. A Sheriff’s deputy greets me each time I visit. It’s their job to be there.

I know there’s hope for escaping the problem I’m dealing with as the enemy tends be defeated when I’m on Arsenal Island. I tend to have fewer problems with artificial incapacitation while present on Arsenal Island on numerous occasions the past 5 years. Understanding how to defeat the enemy or get the enemy to back down more frequently is my goal. I’ve been through security on a local military base numerous times with my URL displaying on my windshield while I worked on Arsenal Island (military base) as a citizen during the summer of 2021. I understand the enemy tends be defeated when visiting other properties that have significant political influence such as a large private college or fortune 500 company (John Deere & Company) composed of individuals good with problem solving.

I’ve been past airport security while wearing my disability aid. I’ve walked though air airports & walked on & off planes displaying my disability aid.

One must understand authorities tend to clear up problems everywhere I go as long I have my cellphone on.

I don’t understand how tech companies keep my situation so causal. No one comments about my disability aid.

Quotes & Affirmations

• I don’t want toxic people in my life the same way I don’t want toxins in or around my body.
• Many people like to talk non-sense. This why I pay attention to history and facts.
• Progress & success depends on how one invests their time.
• The mind is the most valuable asset. Without it, you don’t have anything.
• Life is about evolving. You can never out evolve yourself during your lifetime.
• Don’t stay in a situation that’s not helping you grow or improve.
• I’d rather be around people who bring out the best in me.
• Small minds discuss people and events. Great minds discuss abstracts and plots.
• I prefer not to associate with others who take abstracts literally.
• Critics don’t count. They don’t care about positive change. Positive feedback for positive change is what counts.
• We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
• When stuck, zoom out to see the forest rather than the trees.
• I appreciate the help while angry about the situation I’m in.
• Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.
• Once you stop learning, you start dying.

Experience & Education


University of Illinois Springfield
2015 – present · Computer Science – Software Engineering
Online Program
Northern Illinois University
2003 – 2006 · Electrical & Computer Engineering
72 of 125 credits completed
Coursework Highlights
Computer Engineering I (Digital Circuits)
Computer Engineering II (Micro Controllers)
Engineering Circuit Analysis (DC & AC)
Electrical Power Systems (AC)
Engineering Graphics: AutoCad, ProE WildFire, UniGraphics UX
Black Hawk College
Class of 2003 · Associate of Science – Engineering
Coursework Highlights
Physics: Mechanical, Electromagnetic, Quantum, Statics
Math: Differential Equations, Calc I, II, III, Statistics
Milwaukee School of Engineering
1998-1999 · Electrical Engineering Technology


My site serves two functions:

  • Brings awareness to a crime (crime didn’t happen otherwise)
  • Allows criminals to be held accountable for the crime (stops my offenders)

I understand people may be unaware of the crime as they can’t see nanomaterials or signals with the naked eye along with understanding politics used by tech companies that others may take advantage. I don’t expect everyone to know this technology exists or it’s capabilities.

If technology within me prevents me from connecting the dots with all that has happened, all I can do is keep fighting the technology day by day while posting revisions until all material is presented and ordered properly. It’s better than communicating nothing at all. I understand my offenders would prefer I communicate nothing at all. I frequently revise my site to clarify my situation. My site defends me from something that shouldn’t be happening. Technocrats make it very difficult for me to get past barriers without mentioning them to the public. My body is shutdown by use of signals & nanomaterials when the site is not advertised.

There are nanomaterials within me from multiple entities which conflict with each other compromising their ability to function properly. It’s junk that needs to be properly disposed. I prefer synthetic telepathy not used.

I appreciate constructive feedback for this site.

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