I’m 42 years old. I’m a human trafficking victim. I don’t want to be exploited. Human traffickers put implants in me. It brings no value or benefit to me. It’s a challenge to get them removed. Human traffickers are destroying my life in so many ways leading to an unfavorable death. I’m almost dead. I realized professionals kept me stonewalled from knowing about the crime in 2004 as I attempted to end it. The crime continues to get worse. It needs to end. Everyone should tell me anything that helps end the crime. I don’t want to be stonewalled. I’d like to see human traffickers in detention centers. I’m sharing a video to help others understand the signs of a human trafficking crime.

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Human trafficking is done to make money. Traffickers exploit constitutional rights of others for large sums of money. It’s another notch in a trafficker’s belt to traffick someone without authorities doing anything about it. It’s another notch in a trafficker’s belt to traffick multiple people without authorities doing anything about it. I wish human traffickers could be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Implants in my head are the nastiest thing on the black market no human is stupid enough to willingly test.

I’ve received tips stating: IL is not involved with my human trafficking situation. There is a website human traffickers use with an IL domain name to prevent human traffickers from being caught. A corrupt sheriff’s deputy from Mercer county, IL inserted an implant in me which leads to medical tyranny. I can’t get the procedures to get this out of my life. The sheriff’s deputy does not want to get caught. I’m not certain if these statements are true. I hope no other officers from sheriff or police departments insert another implant in me which prevents the crime from being resolved.

Saw theme comes into play as implants cannot be removed soon enough.

Mentioning executive order 13818 to authorities helps authorities gain resources to deal with human trafficking cases. Is executive order 13818 still valid under Biden? Yes. It can help businesses affected by human trafficking as well.

Executive order 13818 Explained


I’m mentioning the following as I’ve seen some shady things happen over the years:

There are officers who use a badge to gain other’s trust and evade prosecution of human trafficking crimes. Everyone should know their rights and obtain identification from officers who question them. They should get a video of badge, license plate, and car numbers. It helps as one cannot expect officers to wear correct name tags, provide correct business cards, or say the correct information. I experienced the problem for myself. It happens.

If an officer or human trafficker asks anyone to push buttons on a body area network it’s best they decline and report the officer’s or human trafficker’s credentials to my Facebook page, FBI tip line and share video footage with their representatives in congress. Assume an officer is promoting a human trafficking crime.

IL law showing it’s legal to record police on duty to prevent misconduct or obstruction of justice. Legislators understand authorities behave differently while recorded. Do people ask for badge numbers when they see misconduct take place? People should be thinking: what misconduct will we be witnessing today? Do government officials replace prejudice remarks with mental health terms today? A mental health diagnose is no different than the slang nigger to dismiss another human being with constitutional rights. Is there someone around who can loudly greet officers as nigger haters as they are from the south? KKK openly had meetings and get-togethers in public parks before slavery was abolished. The KKK believed in double standards. Officers have been sworn in to uphold and defend the United States constitution. There’s nothing wrong with documenting police misconduct or obstruction of justice. It’s action of a responsible citizens who belong to a government for the people by the people.

Further information to help others see the signs of police misconduct:

*Why do authorities assume excuses to dismiss me of constitutional rights?
Didn’t they take oath to defend and uphold the constitution?
It’s not about classifications.
It’s about how the classifications were obtained.
Did the officer decide to make up a reason to discriminate?

*Why does the officer even show up to discriminate when there’s a human trafficking crime going on they’re not investigating?
Police are typically not qualified to make mental health classifications. They don’t have a master’s degree in psychology or a degree in psychiatry to legally make mental health classifications. Why provide a classification if the procedure is not expected to have any effect? Was the officer going to provide Cognitive Behavior Therapy while writing up a report? Was the officer going to write a prescription for pharmaceuticals for poisoning and mind cuffs? Gut feeling is accusations are made by police as police have never requested records from health facilities where I’ve been seen. Anything police have said about mental health classifications is dirt people have on authorities. It’s not going to stick. Mental health classifications are no excuse.

*If an officer is wearing a body cam don’t assume their precinct uses them. It happened to me. I found out when I contacted the precinct the officer was from and asked if I could request their body cam video with a FOIA request. I discovered their precinct doesn’t have them. One cannot expect the footage to be retrievable or be used to hold the officer accountable to their actions. Don’t take the officer’s word on their body cam. Officers can legally lie to citizens.

*Valid non-discriminatory reasons why officers are not willing to investigate the human trafficking situation I’m forced to deal with?

*Why are officers not willing to look into my case when preliminary signs of human trafficking are relevant? Why do they require additional signs before starting an investigation?

*Someone threatening to sue? Seems to be some nonsense?
On what grounds?
A threat? No notice in the mail?
Is the officer friends with a slave owner? An excuse to not investigate a crime? There’s no point for them to show up if they don’t have plans to investigate a human trafficking crime.

*People are stupid for buying an excuse from authorities that a mental health classification allows them the right to dismiss citizens of constitutional rights. Authorities are guilty of misconduct & obstruction of justice. Some authorities believe in “Ds get degrees” and have a job in human trafficking on the side.

I’m not a fan of “Defund the Police” movements.

How can the public be certain on duty officers behave no differently than human traffickers?

As officers in the area are lacking body cams, people have the right to assume reasons why officers are not investigating my human trafficking case.

Why are officers unwilling to end human trafficking crimes? Are they taking advantage of the situation for personal gain?

How can the public be certain officers on duty behave no differently than human traffickers?

This clips rattles off some information the general public may find surprising:

Seek to 1:45: Weird law where cops can have sex with prostitutes on duty in HI. Half the states in the union allow officers to have sex with people within custody.

Why are officers unwilling to end human trafficking crimes? Are they taking advantage of the situation for personal gain? Seems this scenario could be possible if an officer does not have body cam footage to show it’s not happening while they are working for tax payers.

What’s to say officers are not participating in the same activities of human traffickers:

There are officers who use a badge to gain other’s trust and evade prosecution of human trafficking crimes. I question if corrupt officers from Mercer county’s sheriff’s office carry out this practice.

Younger population may understand sex being a motive for not investigating as opposed to any legal jargon. It doesn’t make sense why it’s not investigated.

Officers shouldn’t mind being recorded on duty if they aren’t doing anything wrong. A reason why people should not feel inadequate recording interactions with them. If recorded footage it misused it’s on them. If people are recording simply because the officer’s precinct does not use body cams do to reasons of cost there’s nothing that can be said is wrong. Especially when legislation supports it.