Organized Crime Awareness

Asking congress for a solution to organized crime is expected

My enemies will argue or play dumb with anyone who thinks there is something wrong with implants in me. It’s inhumane for humans to have anything within their body against their will. A reason why people are locked up rather than roaming streets with implants in them. My enemies will never get this point.

I ask everyone not to believe any mysterious thought readers. Implant manufactures aren’t expected to figure consequences of implants working with additional implants. Four implants in my head allow implants to pass signals to other implants with my brain in between.

I was cold-cocked during a series of home invasions after my locks were bumped. Implants were inserted by force. Gang stalkers play the role of a Nazi and continuously attempt to hunt or suicide me while implants remain intact. Please support Nuremberg Code. Obstruction of justice is a serious problem for me. Crooked authorities don’t want the implants removed till my death.

Property owners need to take responsibility for children and ban organized criminals from their property. Filing a Criminal Trespass Notice can help. People who don’t know right from wrong don’t think there are consequences pushing buttons on gang stalking interfaces. I share the URL to reduce suffering caused from gang stalking until implants are removed.

No one should be using the URL for this website as an excuse to trespass, stalk, or hunt me.

Psycho killers typically speak with psycho terms and vocabulary (http://www.psychcrime.org).